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Here is a free automatic link submission service to submit your website or blog link to 100 directories.

Update 10/2012 – The link submitter website is not available anymore.

There are probably several other online website submitters you can use to submit link to directories, the different with one is that it is fully automatic. Once your fill up the details you can quickly click submit and the let the link submitter work by itself. You don’t even need to enter captcha.

This free link submitter can get you get one way linking link from directories, pointing to your blog.  Registration is free, and each new website you sign up, will receive free unrestricted access to submit to 100 one way web directories.  No reciprocal link needed. If you want to submit to the whole list of 800+ directories, you need to pay only $20 one-off per web site for unlimited directory submissions. There are also regular submission packages.

Once account created, just add a campaign for each of your website or blog to submit. You need to install a Firefox extension given by the website for this auto submission. Once installed, click START for your campaign and leave the window open for submission.  Once completed, check your email for confirmation link.

free directory submitter

Tested with 2 campaign, the result is varied, one of the website successfully submitted to over 60 directories and another one of them only to 29 directories. Probably need to re-submit due to some of the directories might be down.

Now, should you very worry about being penalized by Google for massive sudden linking?  No, I don’t thnk so. 50 to 100 links from directories is nothing and it is not that you will get a sudden surge of one-way linking from 50-100 directories. The directories take time to approve your link, some may approve within a few days some may within many months.

This free back link submitter to 100 directories can save your time. Read more details or register here:  TheLinkSubmitter


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