How To Add Hreflang Tag Easily With A Free WordPress Plugin

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Why you need to add hreflang meta tag to your blog and how to do it easily on WordPress with a free plugin. It’s important to add hreflang meta tag (also referred to as rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x”) if we have articles of the same content but in different languages. Why we need to tell search

List of Free Online Tools To Ping Blog And Feed To Multiple Blog Directories

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List of websites with ping tool and services to ping your blog updates to many search engines and blog directories. Updated:  Sep 2014 You want to announce to search engines, blog directories and feed aggregators that you have a new fantastic article? Well, ping it.   Actually for the majority of blogs, this pinging

Get Hundreds of Backlinks Automatically Within Minutes

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5 free automatic online submitter to create hundreds of backlinks quickly. Here is a few free online submitter tools which you can use to create massive backlinks pointing back to your blog quickly. Yes, you can get hundreds of backlinks just within minutes. Most are these websites which you will get backlink are actually statistic

10 Google+ Directories To Submit Your Google+ Profile

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Submit your Google+ profile to these directories to get more followers and make it easier for others to find and adding you to their G+ circles. There are a number of directories on Google+ where you can get listed. It would make easier for people to find your profile through these directories and you

Over 10 Best Websites To Test Your Blog Speed Performance

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Here are over 10 best online tools which you can test your blog or websites speed performance and get recommendation on how to improve the loading speed. We don’t know how much is exactly the weightage of  a website loading speed in the Google SEO ranking algorithm but the sake of visitors browsing experience