How To Add Hreflang Tag Easily With A Free WordPress Plugin

Why you need to add hreflang meta tag to your blog and how to do it easily on WordPress with a free plugin.

It’s important to add hreflang meta tag (also referred to as rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x”) if we have articles of the same content but in different languages.

Why we need to tell search engines like Google with have the same content but of different language?
For better indexing by search engine like Google and to avoid duplicate contents penalty. Also to tell Google our country targeted visitors.

We must configure properly the hreflang tag to tell search engine that the post are in different languages. Also those article pages must refer to other articles’ url. Say you articles in dual language, one in English and the other one in Malay; you must add hreflang tag to both article.

So with rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x”: You tell Google the language of the articles and your targeted users are from a certain country. Thus, you need to find a way to put in the hreflang meta tag on your articles of what language it in and the url of the same content in other language. Refer to the articles by Google on how to do it (also include adding rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x” intonation on sitemap) at: Google x-default hreflang or use use reflang

Now, if you only have a few blog articles it might be easier to put the hreflang tag manually via html editing but it is not practical for blog which might have dozens or hundred of pages. How to solve that? I have been searching for a free WordPress plugin that would help to do for a long time for that in vain until I found one, if fact it is the only plugin that I know that able to that seamlessly. The plugin is simply allow you add a language tag which you can configure in each post editing. You can also configure hreflang for  the homepage, page, countries and tag.

Language Selector plugin for WordPress allow you to add a link in your pages of blog that link between they and adds meta rel=”alternate” hreflang=”xx” and links in your posts, pages and tags that indicate that they have an other blog in other language

“If you have more blogs in more languages that they are independent between they and would you like to bind each, this is your plugin.” Download at Language Selector Plugin
Visit the author’s blog article at: Language Selector Plugin Author

Once installed and activated you can find the configuration section below each post on post editor.
wordpress hreflang plugin

It’s pretty easy to configure. There is 3 area you can configure:
1. The related URL
2. The language of that URL article.
3. The country targetted.  (Ignore it if you don’t have target country)

You can find the configuration area at:
1. Every post, page, categories and tags edit page.
2. At Language Selector Related setting page to configure the homepage related blog setting.

add hreflang plugin

I find the plugin make it easier for me to add the hreflang tag,

Other plugin to add hreflang tag

The above is a plugin specialized for adding hreflang tag, there are other plugin you can use to add any meta tag (including hreflang) to header to each post.

1. Meta Tag Manager plugin. Download: Meta Tag Manager 
With Meta Tag Manager, you can go to edit post and add the href lang meta tag inside the add metag box for each post speciffically.

2. All-in-one-SEO-Pack plugin Download: All-in-one-SEO-Pack
This plugin also allow you to add meta tah to each post specifically. Since this plugin is a comprehensive SEO plugin and you already installed other SEO plugin you might not want this plugin just to add the hreflang tag. But free to try and replace you current SEO plugin because All-in-one-SEO-Pack is one the most popular SEO plugin and with a lot of features.

I hope you find them useful too. Thank you.

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