10 Google+ Directories To Submit Your Google+ Profile

Websites to submit your Google Plus profile url for more exposure to get more followers.

Submit your Google+ profile to these directories to get more followers and make it easier for others to find and adding you to their G+ circles.

There are a number of directories on Google+ where you can get listed. It would make easier for people to find your profile through these directories and you will be able to find others based on certain criterias like interest, country, age range, occupation and so on.

Some of directories might already have indexed your G+ profile and some might need your submission in order to list your profile accurately. For most of them, you can simply submit your profile by logging-in with your Googleplus account.


gplusdata screenshot125 million Google+ users indexed.

Submit your G+ profile here and make it easier for other users to search by country, age range, gender. occupation and others criterias. View other statistics like top engaging users, top growing users, most followed users and so on. Go to  Gplusdata


findpeopleonplusOver 45 Million Google+ users indexed.

It makes it easier for other users to search by country, age range, gender. occupation and others criterias.

Make sure to add tags for your G+ profile so that you can be  listed under proper tags. Go to Findpeopleoonplus



circlecount21,838,014 profiles indexed

One of the most useful directories to find statistic of your own Google+ profile and of others. With Circlecount, you can find how many circles and in which circles with your profile in it been shared.  Also, you can find the average number of +1s, comments or reshares you get for each post.  Go to: CircleCount


gglpls138,143  verified profiles listed

Search our Google Plus Directory for people who share your interests, list yourself in the directory and let your friends & peers find you.

One of the earliest Google+ directory, I submitted my profile more than a year ago but sadly as at now,  the website is non-functional.  Still accessible but you might want to check it at other time. Go to: Gglpls


menonplus7,943,051 Google+ users added.

Data like followers numbers are not accurate, hope they can rectify that.

We allow you to make your own profile at Meonplus along with many other similar profiles. You can find people who share your interests easily on our directory. Go to: Meonplus


gpeepA simple directory, just get basic info about a Google+ profile. Every time you share your profile on Twitter or Facebook you get promoted to the front page.

You need to sign up and upload profile photos. Go to: Gpeep


plusoneconenctionProfile data like  followers numbers are not accurate, hope they can make an improvement on that.

Searchable according to countries, city and occupation.

Go to Plusoneconnections.com


findmeonplus93,131 Google+ profiles added.

Discover and find amazing people on Google Plus, follow them and make new friends from all around the world. Add yourself to the directory and get found.

Profile data like followers numbers are not accurate. Hope they can make an improvement on that.  Go to  Findmeonplus


socialbakerThis website is more for statistic and serious analytics purpose, but you can find Gplus users by certain criteria and submit your profile too.

Go to: Socialbakers


socialstatisticGoogle+ Statistics currently tracks and generates detailed statistics for 184,315 users and pulls in hundreds of the most popular posts, every second of the day, from Google+

Add yourself so we can start tracking your personal Google+ statistics too. You will be able to see how many people added you to their circles, how you grow over time and where you rank in the list of popular Google+ users.

A G+ profile widget also available to add to your blogs. Go to Socialstatistics

Okay that’s the directories list  for now. For most of the directories here, you just need to sign up with your Google+ in order to be listed.  Note that certain directories like Circlecount and Findmeonplus allow you to remove yourself from the directories, if somehow you need to.

Happy submitting.

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