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Free automatic online submission service to 25 social bookmarking websites.

Submitting your blog post link to various social bookmarking websites is  a tedious process. It is okay to submit to a few major social bookmarking site manually but to submit to a lot more, then you need to spend a lot of your precious time which probably better use to write articles.

The idea of submitting your blog url is get backlinks for SEO purpose.  It’s might be questionable we can get the SEO benefits but you still can get the benefit of spreading your blogs to many places for direct traffic purpose.

One of the  common method to submit your story link  is by using browser bookmarklet add-on such as provided by  Addthis or Sharethis. Google browser add-on toolbar also has a built-in sharing bookmarklet too. These browser add-on do make your job easier but still you need to spend a lot of time doing it. Is there is a better way?

There are several link building service website (and individuals too)  that offer this type of service but they are not free and quite costly for a new blogger.  Here is the good news, there is a website than provide free social story submission and bookmarking service you can use straight away.  You can submit one link to 25 social bookmarking sites per day for free. Yes, it’s really free. You can register within minutes and start submitting your stories.

With this service you can submit one link per day to 25 bookmarking site for free. They offer premium service too where you scan submit 3 links per day to 100 bookmarking sites. It’s very easy to use the service.  After logged-in, click the SUBMIT button and fill up the submission form. (see the screenshot below) You just need to fill in the  link url, title, description and tag.  You can spin the title, description and  tag too. Then click SUBMIT  button. You can check the submission by clicking the REPORT button in the menu.

Hurry, before they close their free service ,  go register right now at here: Free Bookmarking Service



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