How To Make Money With Existing Photos On Your Blog

Monetize the photos and images on your blog automatically. A very brief review on several in image ads network.

Do you have photos or images on your blog?  Photo and images can provide a visual explanation or simply just to make your article presentation look more interesting.

You might have ads on your blog but the photos and images could be the area that are underutilized for the purpose to make money with blog. Furthermore if have a photo blog, trying to make money with contextual text ads such as adsense or clicksor could be difficult simply because your blog has very little texts. The problem is, search engine bots and ads crawler can’t really ‘see’ what the image is all about . You can simply put a photo of an orang-utan and tagged it as Lady Gaga and search engine and bots don’t really know for sure.

make money with photo on blogNow, here a few solution to monetize the photo and images. You can join an image ads network which put ads on the images and you can earn money with it. Just insert a small javascript code provided by the ads network. You can apply to even on free blogging platform such as at Goggle’s blogger.

This type of advertising is called in-image ads. The ads provided by in image ads network are non intrusive and you will get commission based on impression (CPM) or click (CPC) or even by affiliate sales The ads mostly shown at the bottom, inside the image itself. Ads can have a mouse over ads view which a visitor can see more info or simply click. Similar to other type of ads network, the commission also depends on several factors such demographic which simply mean you gain more for impression and click from US visitors.

If you have a photo blog, these types of ads network can be your major source of income from the blog. For other type of blog, they can compliment your other source of income.

Here are images ads network you can register today and start to make money with photo:


gumgumNo, Gumgum is not a brand of great tasting chewing gum. It is an in-image ads network that claimed they are the largest in-linage ads networks in the world.

According to Gumgum commission money vary depending on image use, size, frequency of images, demographics etc.

Of all listed here, I found Gumgum provided the fasted approval and the ads appeared within a few minutes after installing the script (that even before your application approved). Other image ads network take several hours to ‘analyze’ your images. Also, it has a variety of products ads.that should appeal to general non-targeted audience. Current I see a lot of ‘X-ray scanner ads’ on the blogs that use Gum gum, for example.

Commission based on impression (CPM). No click stat data due to revenue is based on CPM.
Approval within 24 hours.
Min Payout: $50. Method: cheque or PayPal.
Interactive ads: zooming and image sharing .

To apply, visit: Gumgum


pixazza in image adsLuminate (formerly known as Pixazza) splits revenue from impressions, clicks and sales with the publisher. A unique feature is, you can choose to tag a product within the mages and gain commission based on sales, similar to affiliate ads . I find tagging a product within an image is too fancy for my need. Or you can just leave it be and let ads come automatically for clicks and impression..

According to Pizzeria, commission varies based on your site’s level of traffic, audience demographics, and types of images.

Lots of physical products too and that probably why they can provide commission based on sales too (other image ads network don’t pay based on sales).

With support forum.
Approval: within 3 days
Min Payout: $10. Method: PayPal & Check

Update 30th Sept 2014: Luminate joined Yahoo. Luminate Ads is is not available anymore. From the statement by Luminate CEO, “All Luminate publishers, advertisers and experts will be able to login and access account information until October 1, 2014.”

To apply, visit: Luminate (Pixazza)


pixwise image ads

Pixwise said to provide the highest commission split, a generous 80% of advertising revenue to publishers. Claiming the smartest in-line image advertising. (way too smart, on my few days trial, the ads didn’t appear even after 24 hours verifying the script installation). Not much information on the website compare to others.

Approval: within 24 hours
Min Payout: $100 Pay automatically via PayPal

To apply, visit: Picwise


imagespacemedia image adsVibrantmedia (formerly known as Imagespacemedia) explanation on earning: There is no precise answer, because earnings will depend on a number of factors such as ad impressions and pricing. Pricing refers to factors such as changing advertiser budgets, your specific content, where your users are from and the ads your users choose to click may vary from day to day.

Approval within 24 hours.
Min payout: $25 Method: check or PayPal.
Choice of javascript or WordPress plugin.
With support forum.
Interactive feature: image sharing to social network.

To apply visit: Vibrantmedia (Imagespacemedia)

Know that commission rates are typically small for in-image ads, so don’t expect it as much as PPC or affilate commison. Expect probably $0.01 to $0.06 per click, that just a very rough estimation (not much different from in line text ads rates). At this moment, I can’t give any estimation commission rate on impression. I don’t think there are much different in term of commison rate among the in-image ads network mentioned here. You might want to consider other factors.

Which In-image Ad Network is the best for you?

I could have just suggest Gumgum, now the problem (at least for me), the commission money is based on impression (CPM) which don’t suit websites with small traffic. Consider bounce rate too. If your sites are low on traffic or you prefer commision from clickthrough rather than impression, I don’t suggest Gumgum at all.

Pixwise pay the highest commison percetange which seem interesting. I have tried Pixwise for a few days to see what type of ads will appear. Sadly, I don’t see any ads so far which I believe due to lack of advertiser. I didn’t get the problem with other ads network. Maybe the ad bots need more days to analyse the images. Also, not much info yet you can get on the homepage. The payment treshold $100 is quite high for this type of ads publishing.

Imagespacemedia has interactive rich media type on top of text ads which look attractive. If you have a photo blog, social sharing built-in feature is a plus. After a few days testing, it seem Imagespacemedia’s is the most eye-catching. Your visitor shouldn’t have missed the ads. You should get higher impression and click. Anyway, I didn’t get any revenue for clicks which I believe because the ads appeared so far are based on impressions. Imagespacemedia is not my choice now until it has more ads paid based on clicks rather than impression. Do try it anyway, it could suit the topics of your blog.

With Pixazza you can tag the photos and earn revenue based on sales. You need high targeted visitor for that. Or you can simply choose to get commison based on click. Great support forum. Also the payment treshold is $10. Nice.

The great thing about in-images ads is that it doesn’t take extra space of your blog. The area for ads could be limited on some blogs and you might want to ‘optimize’ the space taken by photo and images.

When it come to application approval, they are all fast and easy.  By my experience, all applications approved within 24 hours. You might want to try them all. Also,  try to apply even if you have non-English blogs. Do drop a comment here about your experience with in image ads network.


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