Get Hundreds of Backlinks Automatically Within Minutes

5 free automatic online submitter to create hundreds of backlinks quickly.

Here is a few free online submitter tools which you can use to create massive backlinks pointing back to your blog quickly. Yes, you can get hundreds of backlinks just within minutes.

Most are these websites which you will get backlink are actually statistic sites. The websites indexed your blog and get the statistic and details. 2 good examples are and Visit them to get the idea what type of websites you will get backlinks from.

Due to the major changes of Google search algorithm since Panda update, I don’t think this these type of backlinks will help to improve your blog SEO at all. So, let’s make it clear about the objective:

Originally they were used to get a new blog/websites to be indexed faster by Google and other search engine. As right now, I am not sure about this, still, it might help in indexing, if not for Google for other search engines.

Temporarily while your new website haven’t yet indexed by Google, people might find your website via those indexing websites that shown on search result when they search for your domain name. For example, my new blog Tips Blogging (non-English), at the time when it haven’t yet indexed by Google, when I search for that domain name, those statistic websites that have the link point to my blog are shown on search result page which is helpful for a totally new blog.

When you have backlinks from these sites, you might get direct visit occasionally from visitor of those statistic sites.

You will get some nice statistics and other data about your websites which might be useful to you or to potential advertisers.

Below are 5 free online backlinks submitter tools you can use right away. The submission is automatic, with most of them you will able to see the link building process live.


free backlink tool screenshot

500 backlinks including pinging all the newly created backlinks to Google. is developed for those looking to get their websites indexed at faster pace regularly. The links you will create here will help your website rank higher in search engines and get attention by major search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. Not only your own website, you can even create links for your articles on other websites, blogs and ping them for faster Indexing plus SE Rankings. It now supports Video backlinking as well. Go to Backlinktool


backlink generator

Get 325 Automatic Backlinks Form The Best Backlink Builder

There are many ways to get quality paid backlinks. But most of the paid backlinks are not permanent. Finding a good backlink service or software can be a pain in neck. But now at Backlink Generator.Net we have built best backlink builder software which will give you instant 325 permanent backlinks.  Go to: Backlinkgenerator


auto backlinksCreate a few hundred backlinks for you.   Go to:  Autobacklinks



Rapid Indexer submits your URLs to various statistic sites. These sites give a value of your URLs and also provide a free link back to your site. Our rapid indexer sends your URLs to over 15,000 sites which gives you that many one way backlinks and Rapidly gets your URLs indexed by Google! Go to:  Indexkings


quick index

This small but valuable tool helps your new domains get indexed in the search engines very quickly. Go to: Quickindex

Thank you for visiting this blog. Happy getting massive backlinks!


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